These guys are the best option if you either don't know where to go on vacation or don't care. If it is your interest to see a new place and explore, there is no better. They make it fun and interesting to travel. -TJ traveled March 2018 to Nashville, TN. Budget $722


I would have never have chose this destination for myself. I enjoyed exploring the city. -Francine, traveled February 2018 to New York, NY. Budget $500


Yet again, Top Secret Trip surprised us!  This time, they sent us to a place we wanted to visit but never found the opportunity to (until then!).  We can't wait to go back to our destination another time, and to plan our next Top Secret Trip! - Anthony and Ashley, traveled January 2018 to Ithaca, NY. Budget $170pp


Top Secret Trip was such an easy and phenomenal way to go on vacation. For two people who work full time and can’t pick one spot this couldn’t have been more perfect. If you are someone who loves adventure and willing to explore with no plans this the best way to do it.

-Jonica, traveled December 2017 to Montreal, Canada. Budget $930


People thought I was crazy to go on a vacation alone and not knowing where my destination would be. But Top Secret Trip took everything that I love to do on vacation and basically planned it for me. Adventure is the best way to go thru life and Top Secret Trip made that possible for me to see such a beautiful place! I would of never chosen Utah as a vacation spot but Top Secret Trip made it worth it!

-Katie, traveled November 2017 to Salt Lake City, UT. Budget $1,150


We had a great time exploring the town of Lexington, KY. We enjoyed going to a place that we would not have chosen on our own. It allows you to explore the country and step out of your comfort zone. We loved not knowing where we were going until right before the trip!

-Hayley and Brittany, traveled August 2017 to Lexington, KY.  Budget $500pp


Thank you for giving my sister and I an enjoyable and memorable trip! We loved taking this adventure, and without Top Secret Trip, it wouldn't have been possible! Thank you!

-Bridget & Erin, traveled July 2017 to San Francisco, CA. Budget $1,400pp


I was very surprised with my destination. I would never have thought of going to Montreal. I left my vacation in their hands and had an awesome time.

-TJ, traveled July 2017 to Montreal, Canada. Budget $880.


Top Secret Trip was the perfect amount of spontaneity and adventure my husband and I were looking for. It allowed us to not stress about settling on a destination and truly just enjoy exploring together. It was so fun to step out of my comfort zone ( self proclaimed control freak ) and just sit back and travel!

-Sarah and Matthew, traveled July 2017 to Minneapolis, MN. Budget $470pp


My Top Secret Trip was more than I could have asked for. The destination was perfect for my interests and there was so much stuff to do! I enjoyed the entire experience and love this new way to travel.

-Chelsea, traveled May 2017 to Savannah, Georgia. Budget $1600


A great experience!  I loved the no-hassle planning and just enjoying the trip. The entire process was exciting. Getting the packet in the mail, waiting to find out where you were going.  The more I talked about it, the more excited I got.

-Kristen & Katherine traveled March, 2017 to Raleigh, NC.  Budget $369pp


Top secret trip hit the nail right on the head! It's an exciting way to see new locations and travel. We highly recommend to others!

-Kimberly and James, traveled February 2017 to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Budget $437pp


We got such a thrill knowing we were going away without knowing where we were going. We thought we were heading north; TST sent us south. My boyfriend loved the concept because he's spontaneous and will go places randomly.

-Ashley & Anthony, traveled February 2017 to Alexandria, Virginia. Budget $135pp


Our Top Secret Trip was amazing. The Top Secret Trip Team took our suggestions and preferences and turned it into an experience we will never forget!

-Danial and Alyssa, traveled February 2017 to the Berkshires, Massachusetts. Budget $130pp


My wife and I needed a getaway for our 14th anniversary. With 3 young children and little mental energy to plan, we were excited to "hand over the reins" to Top Secret Trip to plan an overnight getaway for us. We gave them a few details about our preferences, and the night before we were set to leave, we received an envelope with the details of our trip. We were delighted to explore Lancaster, PA, enjoy a wonderful bed and breakfast booked by Top Secret Trip, eat dinner at a delicious restaurant suggested by Top Secret Trip, and visit downtown Lancaster, which was never even on our radar even though we have been to Lancaster many times! Thanks Top Secret Trip!

-Ben & Susan, traveled December 2016 to Lancaster, PA. Budget $117pp


I loved the anticipation of not knowing.  Even driving to the airport and still not knowing was a crazy feeling. Thinking of all the places it could possibly be was exciting. It was a rush when we opened the package and finally saw the destination. My mind flooded with excitement and going over the stuff that I knew about the destination already. Lucky for me I didn’t know much about Milwaukee so the whole trip was one surprise after another. Everything was something that I had never thought about exploring before. The city was a blank slate before me.

-George and Mandy, traveled November 2016 to Milwaukee, WI. Budget $472pp


We had an amazing secret trip. It was surprising, exciting, and an overall excellent experience. It can be difficult trying to decide where to go on a vacation, so a Top Secret Trip was a really interesting solution to that problem.  We have already recommended your service to our friends, family, and even to other people we met on our Top Secret Trip. Thanks again!

-Chris and Kerri, traveled August 2016 to Annapolis, MD. Budget $256pp


What a fun way to go on vacation!  We booked a last minute winter getaway and ended up on a cruise to Key West and the Bahamas. Everything we said we might want on the survey, was there! It was fun opening the package at the airport, it even included some suggested things to do, which we were so glad we followed! I can't wait to book again!

-Linda and Lauren, traveled March 2016 to the Bahamas. Budget $453pp


I had an absolute blast throughout my entire experience with Top Secret Trip. It was amazing to just fill out a short survey and then not have to worry about planning for my trip. I often get too obsessive, trying to make everything perfect. This experience forced me to just sit back and relax, and allowed me to truly look forward to my vacation time. While you can fill out as much or as little of the survey as you wish, I chose to fill out the complete minimum to allow for maximum mystery, and I don’t have an ounce of regret. I ended up in Munich – a city that I didn’t know much about. I would never have planned it for myself and I would have been missing out on a fantastic location. With the included guide book, we were able to book some day trips immediately and found tons of stuff to do in walking distance from the hotel. We never suffered from not having enough time to prepare for anything. Top Secret Trip included embassy information, maps, and suggestions of activities along with our flight and hotel confirmation papers. I look forward to being able to do another trip with them in the future and have complete confidence that they will send me somewhere completely different and equally exciting!
– Emily, Traveled November 2015 to Munich, Germany. Budget $1,870


The day finally arrived – at the airport, I ripped open the package. I was going to Munich, Germany!  The packet included maps of the area, helpful trip planning tips, possible excursions, and much more to fill your time.  It was a vacation full of castles, culture, Christmas markets, and great times. All I had to do was show up at the airport and get on a plane.  It was everything a vacation should be – fun, exciting, different, and unexpected. The rush of an unknown destination was both terrifying and wonderful.  If you allow yourself the glory of a vacation, do yourself a favor and have TST plan it for you.  You won’t be disappointed!

– Megan, Traveled November 2015 to Munich, Germany. Budget $1,870


The anticipation of my trip made me feel like I was a child again, waiting to see what santa left me under the tree. I can’t wait to book my next Top Secret Trip!

-Mandy, Traveled November 2015 to San Antonio, Texas. Budget $500


One of the best experiences I have ever had on a vacation. I can’t wait to book another Top Secret Trip!

-Jessica, Traveled March 2015 to New Orleans, Louisiana. Budget $450