Mission Statement: At Top Secret Trip, our mission is to provide all of our customers with a unique and unforgettable travel experience through the element of surprise.  Our team has a passion for travel and a knack for planning amazing trips on a limited budget.  We want to send you somewhere that you've always wanted to go but never knew it.


Together, the Founders have visited 27 States, 26 Countries, and 5 Continents

Nick and Katie met in 2007 during their junior year at Montclair State University. They became fast friends bonding over their love for South Jersey and planning crazy adventures. They planned their first trip together to Boston in 2009. After graduation, they kept in touch through social media and would see each other on occasion. A few years later they both landed jobs in the same town and started meeting up for weekly happy hours. They both traveled frequently and loved hearing about each other’s adventures. In 2014, they traveled together to Las Vegas, Cancun, and Montego Bay.


In January 2015, Nick had just returned from Iceland and Katie returned from a Caribbean Cruise. After hearing about each other’s trips, they were both itching to book another, but couldn’t decide on a destination. Nick suggested that he plan the trip, but keep the destination a secret. Katie quickly agreed. During the two months of waiting, Katie posted on social media about her upcoming mystery trip and people went nuts! Everyone wanted to know where she was going and how they could take their own mystery trip. Nick and Katie knew they were on to something, and decided to turn their idea into a business – Top Secret Trip.