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10 Apps Every Traveler Needs on Their Trip

July 3, 2016

TravelSafe: An app created to use the technology built into a smartphone to communicate the location and contact information of the user to emergency services and emergency contacts.  If something goes wrong abroad, this app will connect you to emergency personnel, and keep your family in the loop.


AFAR: A digital travel guide and customizable travel planner application which holds information from locals and experienced travelers. Contains 45,000+ unique travel experiences around the world.  The app provides recommendations by other travelers and allows users to plan a trip using guides that are available on or offline. Travel information and recommendations may be uploaded to AFAR by the user.


Rome2Rio: Provides global information to and from locations using train routes, flight paths, bus routes, and ferries. Users may search addresses, towns, cities, landmarks, or attractions. The app provides multiple modes of travel and route options. Accommodation and rental car information is also provided.


Allpoint: Users can search for an Allpoint ATM with this app. The Allpoint ATM network has over 55,000 surcharge free locations in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The app works with the user's phone technology to locate the closest Allpoint ATM locations.


Maplets: Downloadable maps are available on this application. A user may also locate themselves on a map and use it to co-ordinate with fellow travelers. Bus, Bike, and train maps are available for commuters and foreign travelers. Users may upload maps they have created. Those who maintain or manage locations (such as parks, museums, or trail systems) are able to create an account and upload a map of their establishment.


Foodspotting: A positive focus drives the information provided on this app. Not only does it provide restaurant locations and reviews, it also allows users to focus on delicious dishes. Photos may be browsed and positive comments uploaded to provide others with helpful information in choosing where and what to eat. Negative comments and reviews are not allowed.


Wi-Fi Finder: Users may search for free or paid public Wi-Fi locations with this app. Its database is available for downloading so that a person may use it offline. It has filters so that a user may see what kind of venue or provider is associated with the Wi-Fi service. Users may also add new Wi-Fi spots not in the system.


TripAdvisor: The TripAdvisor app is available across almost any platform and provides information about hotels, attractions, and restaurants in just about any location. Users may upload candid photos, opinions and reviews about travel and accommodations. A "near me now" feature works with device technology to help individuals find places to eat, stay, and things to do near their location.


Time Out: An app that helps users discover special events and travel destinations everywhere, from their home town to places across the world. It is a travel guide and trip planner that has customizable features which include a home screen that can be designed to hold the users favorite information and details. Provides access to tickets, table reservations, exclusive offers, and events.


Google Translate: 90 language type-to-translations are available with the Google Translate app. For those who travel, downloadable packages may be saved for when connections are slow or expensive. Smartphone cameras can be used to instantly translate text for 26 languages. Forty languages are available for the two-way auto speech translation.